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We work with leaders like you that are open to change, are avid learners & recognize they can achieve more with some external assistance. Clients that used our methodologies make more profit and have won more awards than most other small and medium businesses in history. Our simple, proven and systematized approaches give business leaders around the world the right steps to Scale Up their companies, resulting more time to plan the future, better teams, and most importantly – Profitable & Sustainable Growth.


For Juan, coaching is different than consulting in that as a coach he focuses on developing / enhancing the person’s or team’s management skills as they apply to their company. This includes teaching them the fine points required for a successful implementation of the Scaling Up process. Business owners, CEOs and, when applicable, their leadership teams are mentored by Juan to find their own solutions to address their management and operational challenges.

In comparison, consultants will often focus more on improving specific business aspects of a company, by just providing solutions.

He is a Scaling Up/Gazelles Certified Senior Coach since 2011. Gazelles Inc. was founded by Verne Harnish, Author of Scaling Up , Mastering the Rockefeller Habits and the creator of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO).  Scaling Up  coaches guide over 2,000 medium and large hyper-growth businesses every month in over 30 countries.  Scaling Up only accepts experienced, successful entrepreneurs, executives and/or the best  experienced business coaches to be certified (28+yrs average of business experience and over 80hrs/yrs. continuing education) into its ranks.  In addition, Juan also been trained in and part of member of the 3HAG WAY coaches’ community, where he is also in the process of certification.


Juan Folch has been an ActionCOACH certified Master Coach from 2003 to 2020, the rarely attained highest level of experts who train other business coaches. In addition to his many business clients, Juan has trained coaches across North America, South America, Africa and Europe.


As an entrepreneur, Juan owns 2 other businesses besides BCS and maintains his commercial pilot license, occasionally flying for Hope Air, transporting persons to or from remote Ontario areas who require treatment at Toronto area hospitals.

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