Executive Coaching


The comparison is often made of the role of coaches in the sports world, where players spend perhaps up to 40% of their time with their coach(es) to develop their skills to their full potential, and 60% practicing or playing.  CEO’s, Executives and managers spend most of their time addressing either people issues or operational issues (their game) and little time with an advisor or a coach.


Yet the benefit and ROI (Return on Investment) of coaching (with internal or external coaches) has been documented by many sources (universities, business analysts) to be between 4 and 7 times the investment over time.


We mentor open-minded executives willing to change, to expand their knowledge, hone their leadership skills but also discuss in confidence, outside of their regular circle how they want to address the challenges they face.  With their Executive Coach they can have crucial conversations, develop strategies and tactics, and execute them effectively.  They get an outsiders neutral point of view & opinion on decisions they need to make, and/or are mentored into looking at these issues in a different way.


An Executive Coach role is also to hold his/her Executive client accountable, within the time frame they set, on the decisions they have made, within the time frame they set.  Yet, when clients do not carry out their own decisions, the coach’s response is not about judging, blaming, yelling, telling them what to do, doing the work for them, or getting impatient.  It is about working together to find out why at times, he or she won’t take action by resolving those challenges or changing the original goal. (quoting Andrew Neitlich – Director of the Center for Executive Coaching)


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