Juan S. Folch

Certified Master, Executive and Business Coach


Prior to starting his own practice as a Business and Executive Coach in 2003 (BCS – Business Coaching Solutions Corp.), Juan worked worldwide for over 30 years in the construction materials industry, based in Canada, mostly for a Swiss Fortune 500 International.  The last 17 years there, as Vice-president of Corporate Marketing Services (a profit center within the organization), where his and his team’s responsibilities were to coach senior executives as well as front line teams around the world, in Transaction Cost Management (TPM), marketing strategies and sales.


Today Juan coaches small to medium size companies both in Canada and abroad where he has clients in Brazil, South Africa, France and Mexico.


The following is a sample list of the very diverse range of clients, small and medium size companies, he has worked with and/or is still working with since he started BCS in 2003:

  • Retail Florist Owners
  • Industrial molds manufacturer for the Auto industry
  • Retail tiles chain CEO and leadership team
  • A large transport & logistics company CEO & his leadership team
  • Industrial Door installations contractor
  • Private Montessori School (as a subcontracted consultant for BDC)
  • IT support company CEO and Executive team
  • Electrical Contractor President
  • Pro Bono coach work for CYBF/Futurpreneur Organization
  • Medium size Manufacturer Industrial seals (Partners)
  • Therapeutic Massage Company Owner
  • Software development CEO & Executive team
  • Large Private school owner & management team
  • Gluten Free products International Distributor (CEO and Executive team)
  • A change management international consultant
  • International Marketing Company CEO & Executive team
  • Financial Brokerage organization CEO & team
  • Franchise founders/owners & his franchisees
  • Health care and chiropractic center
  • Other business coaches
  • Various retail companies

Although a well-rounded executive and coach, Juan’s strengths are in:


  • Strategy development for growth
  • Development of Management Process systems
  • Able to work very effectively both at the top management level as well at the front line level
  • Marketing
  • General Management


Besides having a neutral person with whom to discuss and brainstorm on new strategies and ideas, clients are also introduced to or trained in management tools or processes they have not been exposed to before, so that they become more effective and efficient leaders.  Mostly, they benefit from what Mark Twain would call the sum of his mistakes . . . Juan’s vast experience. (we all learn more from our mistakes than from our successes)


With a systematic approach, Juan also fulfills one of the most important roles of a coach:  keeping business Owners, CEOs/Presidents and other executives accountable to fulfill their own decisions in the time frame they agree to do them in.  Today, his focus is helping entrepreneurs and CEOs that want to lead in the recovery from the COVID-19 economical impact.


Juan draws on the ,learnings he has been trained on initially at ActionCOACH in the past and now through Gazelles/Scaling up coaches, (previously known as GICoaches), and 3HAG WAY but also on his very diverse cultural background and professional career.  To keep abreast of a very fast changing business environment he is also committed to continuous training which he does every year (a minimum of 70 to 90 hours per year) to remain current & certified as a professional coach.


With degrees & Master in Engineering (Swiss Polytechnical University), Strategic Marketing Program(Harvard Business School) and Business Management Program for Executives (University of Pittsburgh), he has worked on plant and process engineering, been the project manager of several large industrial projects (over $300 million), director of international business development, trainer of over 800 sales persons, manager of an IT group developing a knowledge database software and as VP, involved in corporate strategic planning od affiliate companies of the Swiss multinational Group he worked for.


Through his successful careers in both the corporate environment and as an entrepreneur (Juan owns three companies, one for his business coaching activities, a real estate company and one in the small general aviation field) he has also learned what it takes to run successful small or mid size businesses, and developed a passion for sharing this expertise through coaching and mentoring.


Juan is certified as Gazelles / Scaling Up Coach (strategic planning) and being certified as a 3HAG coach.    From 2003 to 2020 also was with  ActionCOACH, the world’s number one Business Coaching firm as a Master, Executive & Business Coach.