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You want to Scale Up! – You own or manage a business that has grown to the point it now has a leadership team whom you expect to work well in synch.  You believe you have a clear strategy, understood by all employees in the company and expect that it will create engaged employees and a consistent, sustainable growth.


However this is not happening for a series of reasons, some of which you may have identified and yet feel the way they have been addressed in the company is not yielding satisfactory profitability and the growth you expected.   As your coach, we assist/mentor you in implementing the well proven elements of the Scaling Up methodology ( refer to the Scaling Up book by Verne Harnish).  The result will be your One Page Strategic Plan (OSP) to progressively achieve the desired goals, and then in keeping you accountable of the steps defined in your plan.  It is all about the 4 Key Decisions [People, Strategy, Execution and Cash] that you, as the leader(s) need to focus on, the most important one being about the Execution process.

As such, we act as “catalysts” for your company to really Scaling Up in a sustainable path.

The success factor is for you to focus on 4 key decisions:

AS your coach my role is to inspire and mentor YOU, the  business leader & your leadership team to bring new STRENGTH, PERFORMANCE and GROWTH to your business.

Leaders that enjoy and benefit working with me usually have the following characteristics:

Are “Heads” of companies and/or senior executives that are:

✔   Avid learners and open to learn new ways

✔   Looking to improve their own and/or business performance

✔   Flexible and open to change with the support of an external assistance

✔   In organizations that have between 15 and 300 employees

✔   On track to surpass 3 Million $/ year in revenue and targeting much more

✔   Committed 100% to achieve better results

✔   Can commit to at least 3 – 4 hrs per week to work on themselves and/or ON their business (not IN it)


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