Is Your Business Ready for the Resurgence?

This June Workshop is the perfect time
to set up a strong growth strategic plan!

WHEN Friday, June 11, 2021 ~ 9:00 am – 1:00 pm EDT



CEOs: For the best results & biggest impact, bring your leadership Team
Bring up to 3 people of your company for only US$295. (and additional attendees from the same company for only US$100 each).


To be effective, we have a limited number of spaces, so hurry:

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Learn about the Four Pillars for Scaling Up in any economy:



  •  Identify your A, B, C players and what to do about it
  • Clarify those Core Values (your rules of the game)  that are alive in your company
  • Determine the right accountability and how to track it for each key function


  •  Re-Ignite your business with the right Core Customer and Brand Promises
  • Re asses your “sand-box” (Target products and markets) doing things differently
  • Determine the right action plan for the next 90 days


  •  Implement the key 3 disciplines (Meeting Rhythms, Metrics & the right Priorities) to be mastered to get everyone aligned towards your new goals


  •  Look at all components to accelerate in your Cash Conversion Cycle and the Power of ONE


In addition, and part of this very special offer, your registration will entitle you to:

  • A FREE, one-hour personalized coaching session, after the workshop, to identify and tackle your specific challenges and leave with actionable items you can implement the following day!
  • A FREE, detailed assessment of where your business is at  in its scaling up journey (a US$ 250 value)
  • Or a FREE detailed analysis of your “CASH” improvement potential using the Power of One and a proprietary the “Cashflow Story Software”
  • One FREE copy of the Scaling Up book
  • Gain a month Access to an Exclusive, New Scaling Up Planning Tool!


Meet Your Workshop Hosts


Juan Folch has mentored & coached CEOs and Senior Executives worldwide for over 27 years, He has helped them think differently achieving better, sustainable solutions to grow both their business and themselves to their full potential.   Learn more about Juan here





Diana Southall is a fifth-generation entrepreneur who works with growing mid-sized businesses. She asks the right questions, distills complex information into action plans, and hones in on the right data and metrics helping leaders find clarity, focus and disciplined implementation for growth and freedom. Learn more about Diana here