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You started your business with a great idea and expertise in your field.  At the beginning, you were wearing “all the hats”:  super sales person, operations manager, developer of product and/or services, marketing director, accountant, cleaning person . . .   As you succeeded and grew, you hired staff to assist you . . .  at the beginning everyone is doing a bit of everything . . .  and soon things become an overwhelming whirlwind and you and/or them do not have enough hours in the day to achieve what you wanted to do . . . Sounds familiar???

Do you feel like this:

Picture of Perseverance – A sculpture by artist Jeff Tritel

    Try This Short Quiz - by reading the statements below. Check the ones that apply to you and your business:

    I want the confidence that IF I am not there for a few days, the place will not fall apart.
    I wish that my marketing worked better.
    I want to replace the stress of running a business with joy to run it.
    Need to find a way to better motivate; I can't seem to attract - or keep - the right people.
    We are not as focused on our customers as we need to be.
    I have not taken more than a week's vacation at a time in the last 2 years.
    I want to improve the focus and direction of where the business is heading and GROW.
    Profitability is not where it should be.
    We do not seem to have the right systems - each one does it his/her way and things fall between the cracks.
    I work more than 50 hours per week - I do not have enough time for my family or myself.
    I have ideas for new business yet I just can't seem to find time to develop/implement them.
    I want to find more focus, motivation; I lack a Vision for myself and/or the business.


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    “We can’t solve the problems we face by using the same thinking we used to create them”  Albert Einstein

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