Strategic Coaching


A business plan is your roadmap to sustainable Growth.  Yes, there are many models and templates to prepare it, and most focus on two essential parts.  Your Marketing Plan and your Financial Projections for the next 3 years.


Yet a good and effective business plan encompasses many other essential components.  What is your “Purpose” as a company (beyond that of “selling your product” or making a profit – a purpose that means something to what is valuable to your customers and employees).  What is your Vision of where the company is to be 3/5/10/20 years from now, what are the Core Values the whole organization is to life buy, how to identify/develop your Core Competencies that will give you a real competitive edge.


This is where as experienced business owners and strategists, we mentor you to develop a plan that everyone in the organization can identify with, and has clear steps to implement and goals to be attained every quarter.

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